Where Should I Install Home Surveillance Cameras?

Everyone likes to think that they are somehow immune to crime and that crime only happens to the other person. However, with an increase in violent crime like home invasions have proven is that the world is not always as safe as we would wish. The average home fifty years ago would have made due with locking the doors and getting a guard dog. Unfortunately, that is not the case today.

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If you have a home alarm system, you are on the right track. However, you must absolutely include home surveillance cameras. Surveillance cameras add a level of security that when paired with a great alarm system, make crooks think twice about breaking and entry. Here is a list of the top places around your home to install security cameras.

Front Door

About 30% of burglars are bold enough to break in via the front door. The best place to position the camera is on a second -floor level or in within the eves of your home.

Back Door

The less bold burglars, about 22% of them choose the back door, so you should install a camera here as well. Make sure to position cameras on any side doors as well.

First Floor Rear Windows

A rear window is a burglars best bet to avoid being seen and eventually caught. Get ahead of them by installing a camera at this location and any other window you believe poses a weak point of entry.

Basement Hatches

This is how the sneakiest of burglars enter your home because a lot of basements have hatches that allow entry from the outside. These hatches are large enough to crawl through. Aim a camera on the basement stairs that lead up into your house.

General Activity Around The Home

For the monitoring of activity around the outside of your home, surveillance cameras should be installed beneath the eaves of your roof or upon the rooflines.

Keep a watchful eye on your garage and driveways by positioning cameras near or on the garage doors.

Consider purchasing an expandable CCTV system so that you can add more security cameras as you deem necessary.

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