Many different types of products rely on folding carton technology to properly hold and display the contained contents. Some may have transparent openings where a part of or the entire product is viewable, while the rest of the packaging expresses the brand, and others might be made of completely opaque paper or entirely transparent plastic. Based on the materials and the design, different printing technologies are needed to fulfill customer needs.

Paper Folding Cartonspaperboard folding cartons stacked

Modern paper (or more specifically, paperboard) folding cartons are used for many different types of products, including health and beauty and food products. They provide the support the products need while showcasing the brand name effectively through colorful print designs. Today’s folding carton technology allows for nearly any conceivable custom design in any color, including raised lettering and images. Different finishes are also applicable, including metallic foils that make products look glossier. Folding cartons can also have iridescent coloration implemented for additional appeal.

Paper folding cartons are ideal for use in retail stores where companies want their products prominently displayed for customers, giving them an accurate visual representation of the products.

Plastic Folding Cartons

Whereas paper folding cartons are typically more decorative, clear plastic folding cartons can display the contents inside more clearly. Bottles, boxes and other contents are entirely visible in the packaging, but brand logos and colorful clever designs can also cover the folding carton to convey your brand. Modern folding carton technology allows for printing of various designs with potential textures as well. Your products can be as flashy with the use of plastic folding cartons as they would be with paper cartons, and you can even use lenticular designs.

Choose a Good Packaging Company for Folding Carton Cutting and Printing

If you want high-quality folding cartons for product packaging, speak with a reputable packaging company that can provide the right folding carton packaging that best suits your brand. A worthwhile company will assist you from conceptualization to execution, making sure you understand every step of the process and have sufficient involvement. With the right company behind your project, you’ll benefit from the latest folding carton technology and other packaging innovations.