Bollards are short posts designed to direct traffic and keep pedestrians and property safe from vehicle intrusions. Bollards can be manufactured and installed to hold up in many types of crashes, but hey also serve as visual deterrents.

History of Bollard Use

Throughout history, traffic bollards have been used in a wide range of applications, including roads, mooring posts, and hitching ties. While fastening methods have mostly disappeared over the years, bollards are still popular security devices used to manage traffic and protect people in many places.

Visual Barriers

Bollards create clear visual barriers for drivers, serving to guide traffic away from restricted areas. They are often brightly colored to remain consistently visible to drivers. You can also cover bollards using decorative or utility covers, which can make them stand out even more.

road bollards

Physical Protection

Properties can have bollards installed to hold up against vehicle collisions. What types of bollards designed to provide sufficient physical protection in the event of vehicle impact, including steel pipe security posts made from stainless steel.

The strongest posts are fixed, as they are embedded in the ground, while you shouldn’t rely as much on removable posts for physical protection as visual deterrence.

Different Types of Bollards

As mentioned, fixed posts offer the most protection of all bollard types, while removable are weaker, but each bollard type is potentially vital to keeping people and property safe in different ways.

There are three main types of traffic posts, including removable, fixed, and collapsible. Fixed posts are surface-mounted or embedded in concrete, while removable posts use a locking mechanism to stay in place, sitting in an installed ground sleeve until removed. Collapsible posts are permanently installed, but can be lowered to allow for vehicle clearance.

Bike parking bollards are also available, with bike-locking handles on either side to allow for convenient bike parking. They are also designed to be nearly impossible to move to avoid theft.

You can also install lighting fixtures on many types of bollards to increase visibility on walkways and other pedestrian areas, with energy-efficient solar panels available in a lot of models.

Get Reliable Quality

If you want to benefit from reliable bollard security, you should make sure that bollards are made using the best construction materials. In many cases testing of these traffic posts will be made public to prove their effectiveness.

While concrete traffic posts have historically been popular as traffic safety devices, these posts have been proven not to hold up that well in even low-speed crashes, as seen in many videos of storefront crashes and other incidents.

Stainless steel posts have shown to be effective replacements for inferior concrete posts, making them more ideal for providing sufficient protection for people and property. These posts can give your buildings, staff, and customers the protection they need, with continual testing and developments being conducted for new employees.

Many people may not be aware of them or even know what they’re called, but traffic bollards are one of the reasons the roads are safer across the globe.

When one hears the word “manufacturing,” images of metal being bent, lumber going through various saws and high-tech factories making the latest microchips come to mind. But in Flathead Valley, the largest shift in manufacturing involves microbrews and lager.

The Kalispell Chamber of Commerce and the University of Montana’s Bureau of Business and Economic Research (BBER) have reported that Flathead’s largest growth in manufacturing came from distilleries, breweries and wineries.

Renewed Interest

Tours of these local establishments were recently offered, which allowed guests to see how agribusiness and manufacturing can be tied together. Many consumers in Montana and across America have developed a renewed interest in locally produced food items. This has led to food and beverage manufacturers stepping up to meet demand.

The whole production process has also been changed to include local ingredients whenever possible. For example, fertilizer from local farms is used to help produce hops, which are then sent on to local breweries that make the final product.

manufacturing plant

Local beer production in Montana has grown very well in the last couple of years and the industry isn’t likely to lose its momentum anytime soon. A BBER study that was presented in August shows an 87 percent increase in local beer production since 2010. This is also highly beneficial for local workers, as the increase is responsible for 1,044 more permanent year-round jobs across the whole state.

All this attention that local beer has been getting has since spilled over into the restaurant sector as well. Unique local dishes get special attention from customers, with some becoming very popular as a result.

Local Options

Even though mass produced food and beverage items aren’t going to disappear from Montana anytime soon, a lot of consumers will go for a local option whenever possible. A common attitude is that locally made products are more likely to be fresh and have a more authentic feeling.

Even though food and beverage manufacturing is doing great, the news isn’t all positive for the entire industry in Montana. The wood products industry, once very strong, is still suffering in the Flathead.

This has been made worse by Weyerhaeuser’s plants in Columbia Falls being shut down. Accessing timber has grown more difficult lately, causing supply problems.


A strong US dollar is affecting exports, but the housing market has been rebounding after a downturn. The local firearms industry is experiencing a flux, with several companies in that sector going through mergers and consolidations.

Anyone skilled in precise machining will find it quite easy to find a job in the area, as local employers aren’t able to find enough people for jobs that pay very well. In their quest to get more qualified workers, businesses are cooperating with Flathead Valley Community College, which provides a variety of trade education options, including manufacturing trades.

Efforts to fill manufacturing jobs are likely to continue in the near future, as businesses are facing worker shortages. Problems related to transportation, especially by air, are also a concern among all the different industries that one may find in the Flathead.

Despite this, local residents remain optimistic. Food and beverage manufacturing is showing very rapid growth, being one of the hottest industries in Montana. The industry’s stellar performance is very likely to stay strong for the foreseeable future.