Security Equipment That Every Business Should Use

For businesses, protecting physical property is as important as cybersecurity and security for bring your own device (BYOD) applications. Besides finding the right security company for your business’s security applications, it’s important to make sure you know about all of the equipment you can use to prevent break-ins and burglaries, along with other threats.


Here are some of the most important security devices your business should utilize.

Security Cameras

When most business owners think of getting security systems for their premises, the first idea that probably comes to mind is setting up security cameras by doors and building corners. Cameras are useful for nearly every location, including entries and exits, parking lots, vaults, break rooms, offices, retail store floors and reception areas, to name a few.

Privacy is of course a concern with security cameras, as they can’t be installed in locations such as changing areas and restrooms, but public areas that are vulnerable warrant the installation of multiple cameras.

Burglar Alarm Systems

Alarm systems are crucial for the protection of facilities, preventing break-ins and theft. Only authorized employees will be able to gain entry into your facility with an effective alarm security system. These systems are usually only turned on at night when the facility is closed and locked, but they can be set to protect the facility all day as well, and a keypad lock is typically used for employee access. All-day security usually entails ID card access control to make getting through doors somewhat easier, with a mere swipe of a card.

Smoke Detection & Fire Alarm Systems

With a properly installed fire alarm system and a number of smoke detectors, the threat of a fire that could destroy property is no longer there. Not only will a fire alarm and detection system save your property as well as people from harm, but it is illegal to not have one installed. With all systems, make sure you check and test them regularly to keep them working well.

Additional equipment you’ll want to consider includes different types of locks, safes for valuables and money, and lighted signage such as exit signs to guide employees in the event of an outage, fire or natural disaster.

How to Locate Security Equipment

You can purchase security equipment separately from online or physical retailers, or you can get entire systems designed and installed by a professional security company. Companies like this will send a technician to look over your property and evaluate all security vulnerabilities, helping you implement a custom security system that truly works for your business.

Take a look around locally for security equipment retailers or security professionals, either through search engines or even references from other business owners, and you’ll be able to find the equipment that best suits your property.